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Deflazacort 6mg(Alu-Alu)

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DEFMUNE 6  | Deflazacort 6mg(Alu-Alu)– The drug is used to reduces the inflammation in the human body. It helps in treating Duchenne muscular dystrophy in adults people and children of age group 5.  It improves the muscle strength and slows down the growth of disability in the body. Deflazacort is not used for muscular dystrophy. Moreover, there are many other purposes for which this drug segment used.


  • Deflazacort 6mg


Caution- Do not consume this drug, if you are allergic to it. You have to tell your doctor about the disease you are currently having any type of medication that you are taking. Follow all the instruction as prescribed by the doctor. Make sure that you are either not taking any dose or not taking over doze as both of these things can lead serious health issue.

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