The 10 Best Pharmacy Franchise Businesses in India

While Covid-19 has a severe impact on many companies, pharmacy franchisees continue to prosper. India has traditionally been recognised as a nation that specialises in producing inexpensive pharmaceuticals. Today, the country’s pharmaceutical business is gaining momentum. Starting one’s own medical shop is difficult since it needs licences and permissions, a solid product line, the proper skills and experience, and a decent product knowledge. In this situation, purchasing a pharmacy franchise in India offers several advantages. A franchisee gains a well-recognized brand name, access to the existing network of dependable suppliers, the ability to purchase items at a lower price, and access to established business procedures. An entrepreneur may either build a medical shop or a franchise online pharmacy. This latter approach is quite prevalent nowadays. It enables franchisees to have a flexible work schedule and save money on renting or purchasing shop space. However, great delivery and flexible payment methods are required.

Here are the top ten franchise pharmacies in India.


Established in: 2018
Since 2019 franchising has existed
Less than 10 franchise units.
Initial investment: Beginning at Rs 20 lakh
GenMart was founded in 2018 by GenMart Genric Pvt. Ltd. GenMart is a one-stop pharmacy for prescription medications and other health and wellness needs. Genmart intends to extend the advantages of cheap marketing expenses associated with generic pharmaceutical items to the last leg of the customer shopping experience.



Established in: 2017
Franchising as of 2018
Franchise units: less than ten
Initial investment: Beginning at Rs 5 Lakh
Care Pharmacy is one of Gujrat’s biggest and fastest-growing chains of pharmacies, having been founded in 2017. It provides an extensive selection of over 4,000 goods in various categories and over 1000 generic compounds. It offers 24/7 services and sells medications from a variety of reputable businesses, including Cipla, Zydus, Heinz, and Glenmark.



Established in: 2016
Since 2019 franchising has existed
Less than ten franchise units Minimum investment: Rs 20 lakhs
Living Healthy 24, a venture of Culmination Healthcare Private Limited of Kolkata, is a supplier of comprehensive healthcare solutions and services. Living Healthy 24 was founded with the tagline “Healthcare for All” and provides authentic pharmaceuticals, medical consultation, and health diagnostic services under one roof. The brand will also launch a health web and mobile application for the benefit of the public.



Established in: 2006
Franchising as of 2015
Franchise units: 20-50
Initial investment: Beginning at Rs 10 lakh
Sanjivani is a well-known brand in the country’s pharmacy industry, offering complete, world-class solutions for pharmaceutical retail and distribution. Sanjivani focuses in offering a comprehensive selection of items, especially in the pharmaceutical business. The organisation is a well-known brand in the sector of distribution and seeks to offer customers with comprehensive health care solutions.

Sanjivani franchise


Established in: 2016
Franchising as of 2018
Franchise units: 20
Initial investment: Beginning at Rs 5 Lakh
As a result of a growing population and changing lifestyles, the increasing weight of numerous health risks has become a major concern in the modern day. Even though the metropolitan areas of India have significantly diversified their pharma retailing businesses, residents of the most distant villages are still need to travel to surrounding cities in order to receive health care. EMEDIX, founded in 2016 as an online pharmaceutical firm that aims to provide outstanding delivery and a flexible payment system, distinguishes itself as a medical shop that provides pharmaceuticals together with an e-version of the prescription.



Inception: 2013
Franchising as of 2013
Franchise units: 100-200
Initial investment: Beginning at Rs. 500,000

SastaSundar is a pioneering online pharmacy and health care retailer. We ensure the delivery of authentic, low-priced medications to your clients’ doorsteps at no cost. In addition to medications, we carry the majority of Personal Care, Healthcare, Beauty Care, Herbal, and Organic brands presently accessible in India. The approach is widely regarded, and our Health Buddies are receiving an overwhelmingly positive commercial reaction. Grab the business model now to realise your future goals.



Established in 1983
Franchising began in 1987
More than 3,500 retail locations
Initial investment: between Rs 5 and Rs 15 lakh Fees: Rs 25 lakh (the documentation and franchise licence including Rs. 3,000 registration fee)

Apollo Pharmacy, created by Dr. Prathap C. Reddy in 1983, is a division of Apollo Hospitals, the biggest healthcare provider in Asia. It is the first and biggest branded pharmacy network in India, with over 3500 sites in about 400 cities. Apollo Pharmacy was one of India’s first corporate health facilities in the 1980s. AP is a 24-hour pharmacy, and franchise ownership of this pharmacy creates competition for other pharmacies. In addition to the investment, a commercial area of 15 to 20 square metres is necessary to open an Apollo pharmacy franchise.



Inception: 1995
Franchising as of 2017
Merchandise: More than 550
Initial outlay: 6-7 lakh rupees
Davaindia Generic Pharmacy, a division of Zota Healthcare LTD, is India’s top medication platform specialising in generic medicines, allowing customers to get the same active component drug at a very low cost. Brand will assume a leading role in revolutionising the global healthcare business by making accessible high-quality health and wellness goods. In 2017, the first DavaIndia pilot shop opened, and by 2021, there will be more than 550 locations in 23 states. For opening a business, franchisees need a minimum of 200 square feet of space and a total investment of 6-7 lacs. The Pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic, and Nutraceutical medications sector offers a lucrative franchising opportunity with Davaindia Generic Pharmacy.


Established in: 2014
Franchising as of 2017
More than 800 franchised units.
Initial investment: 1 to 3 lakh rupees
Medlife International Pvt.Ltd, founded in 2014 in Bangalore by Mr. Tushar Kumar and Mr. Prashant Singh, is India’s biggest online pharmacy. The business delivers around 20,000 medications to 29 states, but the firm has lately revealed ambitions to build an offline presence by establishing retail pharmacies. Establishing a Medlife pharmacy franchise is a lucrative endeavour. To begin a franchise, an agent must have a minimum of 120 square feet of physical store space and 2 by 1.5 feet of space outside the store to display the Medlife signage board. The largest dimension of the board is 6 feet by 3 feet.

Franchise Medlife


Established in: 2006
Franchising as of 2015
Franchise units: 20-50
Initial investment: Beginning at Rs 10 lakh
Royalty Charges: Rs 0.1 Million

MedPlus is a well-recognized and respected brand due to its reliability and the many advantages it provides to its clients. It has established the biggest retail pharmacy chain in India in the shortest amount of time and has a network of outlets spanning 12 states and over 150 cities, with over 1,350 profitable pharmacies. Medplus is well-known for supplying authentic and high-quality medications, superb customer service, and excellent pricing. The firm provides help with shop site selection, training for franchisees and their employees, and operational and audit support.