Allopathic pcd pharma franchise in Chandigarh

WELCOME TO INNOVEXIA LIFESCIENCES – Allopathic pcd pharma franchise in Chandigarh

Innovexia Lifesciences is an Indian pharmaceutical company which was founded in 2011 has quickly established itself as a prominent participant in the pharmaceutical business, delivering a high-quality variety of pharmaceutical products. Our medications are m ade with just the highest-grade components and are subjected to rigorous quality control. We promise that our medicines have no adverse effects since we have earned the confidence of renowned experts.

  • Our extensive assortment of pharmaceutical items may be relied on since we are an 2011 certified firm.
  • We follow strict environmental guidelines and produce our medications in an environmentally friendly facility. We have pledged to use only highly competent chemists and pharmaceutical suppliers that have been selected based on their reputation and track record
  • Our medications are also professionally tested by a team of professionals who adhere to the Indian Medical Association’s recommendations (IMA). As a result of our pharma certifications and the high quality of our products, we are the top pharma firm for PCD Pharma Franchise. On India, we specialize in monopoly-based PCD Pharma Franchises.



  • We are a well-established organization with well-trained and technically competent personnel to assure quality control and assurance
  • Throughout India, the firm produces high-end life-saving pharmaceuticals at the most reasonable costs.


  • The company’s mission is to produce innovative products by investing in ongoing research and development.
  • By consistently launching upgraded product lines, to become a major pharmaceutical firm renowned for the availability of all new moieties.To make the pharmaceutical industry a better place to work.


  • Our vision is to be a forward-thinking company known for breaking down healthcare boundaries throughout the world
  • We aspire to be the best at producing high-quality pharmaceutical goods while adhering to ethical standards and fulfilling our commitments to do things correctly and fairly.

System of Quality Management

  • Our quality management system (qms) covers the whole production process from start to finish.
  • This system lays out all of the requirements for the efficient operation and control of processes, as well as their documentation.

Our quality policy:

  • Innovexia Lifesciences‘ management and workers are totally devoted to meeting and exceeding customer expectations, as well as providing satisfying customer service via continual service improvement.
  • To achieve customer satisfaction by offering a wide variety of high-quality items and soliciting input from all employees.
  • To attain a worldwide level of standard in the sale of pharmaceutical goods by using the highest quality products and distribution.
  • Everything is arranged for this at Innovexia Lifesciences , from the procurement through the distribution
  • Our documentation effort has been meticulously planned, and all documents have been kept. Approval, issuance of approval, review, and re-approval of all items, as well as their test results.
  • Internal audits are carried out to ensure that all systems are working effectively
  • There is also a system run by senior authorities that is in charge of planning, managing, allocating tasks, and setting sales objectives for the related people.


Innovexia Lifesciences is a renowned PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India, with offices in Chandigarh. We provide a wide range of PCD Pharmaceutical goods to the healthcare business at the most competitive prices.

Innovexia Lifesciences sells over 400 products to meet a variety of human medical needs. Tablets, Softgel Capsules, Injectables, Syrups, Topical Gels, Creams, Oils, Lotions, and Drops, among others, are part of our range.

Innovexia Lifesciences is a PCD Pharma Marketing Company that is WHO GMP Certified. We have a large distribution network that ensures that our pharmaceutical formulations (Pharma goods) are easily accessible across the nation. Through advertising data tools, we provide our customers with very inventive and clear information.

Why Are We Here?

Despite our recent entry into the enormous pharmaceutical industry, we have established ourselves as a well-known brand in the market for the following reasons:

  1. The company has over 100 goods and is constantly introducing new ones to meet market demand.
  2. GLP-GMP Certified and 2011 Certified
  3. Drugs and Medicines that are both effective and dependable are available.
  4. A group of pharmacists who are experts in their field
  5. Using low-cost drugs to treat serious illnesses and disorders
  6. Top Indian physicians and surgeons have unwavering faith in us.
  7. Utilization of cutting-edge processing technologies
  8. A large distribution system
  9. On-time shipping
  10. Incentives for meeting annual targets.
  11. Promotional Programs Every Month

The company recognizes changing market needs and provides new compounds every month to assist colleagues in growing quicker and deeper in the industry.


  • Tablets,
  • Softgel Capsules,
  • Injectables,
  • Syrups,
  • Topical Gels,
  • Creams,
  • Oils,
  • Lotions, and
  • Drops

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