Best pharma company in chandigarh

Innovexia Lifesciences has presented themselves as one of the most important pharmaceutical manufacturing firms in Chandigarh. They are a pharma manufacturer in Chandigarh. We carefully source our raw materials and chemical extracts, which are put through rigorous medical testing by the industry’s leading physicians. We have established ourselves as the leading Pharma Manufacturer in Chandigarh by providing a product portfolio of outstanding quality. Around 180 employees and more than that make up our personnel, all of them are skilled in the task that they do. In addition to this, we have connections with the greatest distribution networks, which enables us to ensure that all of the manufactured pharmaceuticals are promptly delivered to their destinations.

Best pharma company in chandigarh

Pharmaceutical businesses may be found in abundance in Chandigarh. You will notice the amount of domains here that deal with the whole pharma market category here. Among them, we have established connections with over 500 firms and are now providing them with a wide selection of pharma products in bulk quantities and at competitive prices. Because we are a reputable pharmaceutical firm based in Chandigarh, we have a very extensive infrastructure facilities here at our organisation. Every one of the pharmaceuticals we provide has received DCGI approval. Because of this, we have garnered an extremely high level of notoriety in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical Company Based in Chandigarh

The Top Pharma Manufacturing Company in Chandigarh Offers a Wide Variety of Drug Types
As was said before, we work with every category of the medication market, which means that our employees do not have to knock on as many doors to find the many kinds of drugs available. Our staff members are experienced in the manufacture of a wide range of pharmaceuticals, which they are quite acquainted with. In addition, with the assistance of their vast knowledge, they are able to provide us with confidence that each of the prepared medications is of the highest possible quality. In a typical week, we get a good number of orders from our customers. We are very competent of completing product deliveries before their scheduled deadlines. The following is a list of the product categories that we are able to supply to our highly valued clients:

  • Sachets\sTablets
  • The Ayurvedic Spectrum
  • Dental Range
  • Eye-drops from the
  • Derma Product
  • Gynae Range
  • The Complete Selection of Urology’s
  • Soft Gel Capsules
  • Powder Range etc

We have made ourselves adaptable in terms of offering the diversity of medication range. Along with the quality of our selection of pharmaceuticals, we also place a strong emphasis on the quality of the packaging and delivery of each individual product. When it comes to supplying our manufacturing service throughout Chandigarh, we have covered a large portion of the city.

Our company’s commercial endeavours in pursuit of the finest pharmaceutical product | Innovexia Lifesciences

Our whole pharmaceutical manufacturing process has been improved along with the establishment of numerous new departments inside our organisation. We are of the opinion that if the task were to be broken up into such a large number of portions, then there would be an increased likelihood of their being correctness in the work. The following is a list of our company’s business divisions:

The Manufacturing Department is responsible for ensuring that all manufacturing operations are carried out in an effective and efficient manner. The members of this department, who are all very competent, are responsible for ensuring that all of the company’s operations are carried out in an effective manner. They are responsible for ensuring that the correct types of raw materials are being used in the manufacturing of the various medicine ranges. how much time is being used by each piece of equipment In addition to this, they checked and lubricated our equipment on a regular basis.
Packaging Department – We are aware that the quality of our packaging is just as significant as the quality of the pharmaceuticals that we manufacture. We have recruited skilled pharma experts to work in this area, and they are the ones who ensure that all of the medications are packaged using the appropriate procedures and procedures.
R&D Department: This section of our firm is responsible for developing and implementing a wide variety of innovative strategies. Every single person of our department is responsible for keeping a close check on any newly released technological advancements, which is how our business is able to continually progress and improve.
Quality Department – The mission of our quality department is to ensure the highest possible level of quality in all aspect of our company’s operations. They are accountable for ensuring that all of the business operations that take place inside our organisation maintain a high standard of quality.
Delivery Department: Getting the goods to customers in a timely manner is just as critical as using high-quality packing and production techniques. This department’s primary responsibility is to monitor and maintain high standards for the distribution of all medications. Our company is connected to some of the most reputable pharmaceutical distribution networks in India.
What sets us apart from any other pharmaceutical company in Chandigarh is the following:
Our business is included on the roster of pharmaceutical companies that operate in the Mohali and Chandigarh areas. The following is a list of the most notable aspects of our company:

Our helpful services in this regard
We guarantee that our customers get the highest possible level of satisfaction in all aspects of our service, including prompt delivery, quality assurance, authorisation of pharmaceuticals, and quality packing of drugs. Our belief is that the only way for our contract to be fulfilled is if our customers and we can come to an agreement that benefits both of us.

The costs involved in producing
Because of the relatively high cost of our manufacture, we are in a position to provide you a service of a high standard. We calculate the cost of raw materials based on the total amount of raw materials, components, and pure chemical extracts used in production. In addition to this, the price of our goods takes into account the cost of packing as well as the cost of shipping. All of these fees are necessary in order for us to provide the highest quality service.

The Need for a Third Party in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

If you have decided that you want to engage in third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing, then you should read the points that are discussed below in order to get familiar with the prerequisites:

You are required to own a PAN card for your organisation. In addition to a copy of the company’s memorandum and articles of association, whether the company is a limited or private limited one.
A domain should have identification proof, including a copy of the voter identification card and the Pan card.
You are need to have a drug licence in addition to a TIN number.
You are also need to have the tax registration certificate or the sales tax certificate.