CONTRACT MANUFACTURING COMPANY IN CHANDIGARH – INNOVEXIA LIFESCIENCES : Innovexia Life Sciences is a one-stop shop for all pharmaceutical items. We are an ISO-certified PCD Pharma Franchise in India, and we only work with WHO-GMP Certified manufacturing facilities, ensuring consistent quality every time you make an order with us.

  • To establish market trust, we will also offer you with the lab test report of the goods you are purchasing from us.
  • We help our business partners in whatever manner we can, and we don’t leave any stone untouched.
  • Genuine business dealerships are available across India with our organization. We will provide you with WHO & GMP Certified units that are manufactured under the supervision of professional experts.
  • The company guarantees that every Indian obtains high-quality, low-cost medications that help them enhance their quality of life. All of our goods are made in WHO-GMP-accredited facilities, ensuring the highest quality of all therapeutic items.



  • With over 11 years of expertise, our organization is a major Indian pharmaceutical company. We are a leading PCD Pharmacy Company in India, with locations in Chandigarh.
    We feel that keeping customers happy and pleased is a critical component of business success
  • We’ve had the finest relationships with all of our customers from the beginning. This customer-supplier relationship is built on confidence and the high level of service we have offered during our time in the pharmaceutical sector.
  • We are working hard to enhance patients’ quality of life by providing them with healthy, dependable, high-quality, and inexpensive goods.
  • We are confident in taking new measures to strengthen our PCD pharmacy business operations, and we are pleased to welcome you .
  • With over two decades of experience in the ethical medicine business, our company understands that the healthcare industry is continually growing in terms of technology and medicine
  • Our staff stays up to speed on the most recent advancements in medicine. We offer a large number of pharmaceutical items (about 450) that benefit a large number of people at a low cost and with quick delivery.
  • The organization is driven by a desire to improve the lives of millions of people by manufacturing and distributing a large number of pharmaceuticals that effectively treat a variety of illnesses that were previously thought to be incurable
  • Years of study by our R&D division and the Doctors Association have resulted in our goods.


  •  We think that by focusing on the present, we will be able to inspire a brighter future. It’s a vision for a disease-free world, a healthy global population, and a balanced natural ecosystem.
  •  To become a premier worldwide pharmaceutical company that creates value for all customers by exceeding product quality standards, delivering committed service, and contributing significantly to global markets.
  • We aspire to become one of the most ethical companies in the world.
  • We want to be the most well-liked organization among physicians, patients, employees, and service providers.


  • Our mission is to provide inexpensive drugs to the healthcare profession and to improve people’s lives
  • We make every effort to satisfy the highest quality standards
  • We believe in pushing forward with our objectives in mind and our ethics in mind.


Innovexia Life Sciences is India’s leading third-party manufacturing company, having received clearance for over hundreds of products. Innovexia Life Sciences has been well-received by medical experts for its constant quality and packaging during the course of its more than 11 years as a unit specializing in the manufacture of pharmaceutical items.

  • We are one of the fastest-growing Third-Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies in India. Innovexia Life Sciences offers Third-Party Pharma Product Manufacturing in all sectors under one roof
  • We are an ISO-certified PCD Pharma Franchise in India, and we only work with WHO-GMP Certified manufacturing facilities, ensuring consistent quality every time you make an order with us
  • If you want to create your own pharmaceutical company in India, Innovexia Life Sciences offers Third-Party Manufacturing services and the greatest goods, all of which are made using cutting-edge technology
  • Our organization offers a broad range of pharmaceutical items.


  • First and foremost, let’s define third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing.
    Third-party manufacturing, often known as contract manufacturing, is the process of a firm producing items that are then branded or packaged by another company.
    Contract manufacturers provide this service to a wide range of businesses based on their own or clients’ designs, formulae, and requirements.
  • The pharmaceutical industry has a significant stake in contract manufacturing
  • In recent years, the Third-Party Manufacturing trend has shown that many pharmaceutical businesses rely on Third-Party manufacturers for their pharmaceutical manufacturing needs in order to save money and get access to specialized expertise that is not accessible in-house.


Why should you go with Third Party Manufacturing?

Because third-party manufacturing businesses often have a large supply of inexpensive labor and little restrictions in developing nations, you may save a lot of money on labor, materials, and other expenses associated with the manufacture of items.

As a result, these businesses may assist you with manufacturing costs, product quality, and profit margins. Pharmaceutical firms affiliated with a Third-Party pharmaceutical producer may be able to give you with reasonably priced Third-Party medications and safe health goods.


The following are some of the reasons why Innovexia Life Sciences is regarded as one of India’s top third-party manufacturers:

  • We have a manufacturing facility.
  • Grant monopoly rights in the desired field.
  • Provide low-cost pharmaceuticals
  • Always make sure that things are delivered on schedule.
  • Relationships with our clients that last a long time.
  • Assist with marketing


1. Request pricing for the items you wish to produce under your brand name.

2. Send us an email to get a quotation, which will contain the product’s pricing, production costs, security needs, and basic delivery schedule requirements.

3. Decide on the product’s amount and composition.

4. Place a purchase order and wait for confirmation of the merchandise.

5. Make a partial payment to start the procedure.

6. Now you must finish all of the registration procedures.

7. Finish the artwork-

• On the package and foil, there is a brand name.

• Examine the packaging’s content, manufacturing details, color scheme, and design.

• Look for the firm name, logo, and address on the package to see whether it was promoted.

8. Submit all required paperwork.

9. Once the items are made, you will get a quote and will be required to pay the remaining funds.

After the paperwork are submitted and the accounts are cleared, the products will be shipped through your specified carrier.

If you’re still looking for a Third-Party Manufacturing Pharma Company, don’t hesitate to contact us.

5 Real-World Advantages of Owning a PCD Pharma Franchise

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the global economy has been severely impacted, and the PCD Pharma industry has not been spared. When it comes to tiny pharma companies, however, finding a PCD Pharma Company to grow their company by taking on a franchise and profiting from them is a must!

It’s almost like joining a sports team that has all of the necessary clout, as well as all of the necessary financial backing and a track record of winning tournaments. Are you thinking about making this change? So, how about learning about some significant advantages that you may take advantage of?

PCD Pharma Company has 5 reasons why you should do business with them.

1. Lower risk, higher profit

The Pharma Business is a low-risk venture with a high return on investment. And, of course, every businessman’s ambition is to gain large profits. Furthermore, based on the success of other franchisees, the company seems to be successful. Of course, if the franchise is well-managed, the endeavor will be more profitable.

2. Business is Expandable-

One of the finest aspects of working with PCD Pharma is that the company is expandable. So, if there is a big demand for a certain treatment or drug, you may play around to make excellent sales. Concentrate on growing the company without becoming stressed. Consider the models that might benefit your company and provide the essential foundation.

3. Marketing Help-

You will have enough of marketing support as your firm grows. It covers a variety of marketing requirements, such as media airtime or visual assistance, among others. All of your requirements are met by the large corporation with which you are affiliated. All you have to do now is choose the perfect position and concentrate.

4. Business Independence-

It’s almost as if the pharmaceutical industry is a piece of cake. Yes, you’ve purchased a PCD Pharma franchise, but you’re having fun with the company you’ve chosen. It is yours, and you have complete control over how you run it. There are no deadlines or regulations to stifle your creativity. As the proprietor, you have complete authority over the company.

5. There is Limited Competition-

There is competition in general marketplaces and enterprises. Pharma enterprises, on the other hand, have the least amount of competition and so enable the company owner who has joined a franchise with a large PCD Pharma Company to succeed. The greatest thing is that you can set up branches in any location you like. Your company will be monopolized by you. This, therefore, equates to additional possibilities to amplify and gain greater earnings.

To summarize

The advantages of purchasing a Pharma Company franchise are so great that business people are readily enticed to do so. It is, however, entirely depending on the franchise you choose. Also, check the options that apply to your company’s demands and will help you in the long term. Do you want to know how to measure your company’s success? Choose the proper franchise for you, assess all the advantages and disadvantages, and the majority of it is dependent on the agreement between the pharmacy and your company.


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  • Pediatric Rang
  • syrups
  • Dry syrup
  • Injection
  • Powders.

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