What Is The Difference Between PCD Pharma & Franchise Pharma?

What Is The Difference Between PCD Pharma & Franchise Pharma? –  Looking for differences between the two terms of pharma business? The two terms PCD Franchise and Pharma Franchise has no huge difference. Both of them work in a similar way and condition. The concept is not new but still many people are confused over what is the difference between PCD pharma & franchise Pharma? The main difference lies in the size of the business and much more which will be discussed further.

Investing in franchise offerings is a good decision if you are thinking of starting your own stable business. On the other hand, you should have the idea about the two terms of the business proposal which most Pharma Companies make. PCD or Propaganda Cum Distribution Pharma Franchise or Pharma Franchise is co-related words. They mean the same! The main difference lies in the scale of business and qualification. The difference is minor to none for many marketing and distribution companies. In this post by Innovexia Life Sciences that is top pharma franchise company, we will tell you what the difference between PCD pharma & franchise Pharma is.

The Different between pcd pharma & franchise Pharma

What Does PCD Means In Pharmaceuticals Industry?

PCD is an abbreviation of Propaganda Cum Distribution. The term refers to the marketing and distribution of products or commodities under authorized rights. The agreement follows franchise rules of trading. Thus, the possession will be moved from company to medical representative, distributor, C&F, stockiest etc whereas the ownership will remain with the Pharma Company. The business models encourage mutual growth and benefits. Both the parties are bind by written agreements with benefits to the associate.

 Do PCD Pharma Franchise and Pharma Franchise Have Different Meanings?

No, PCD pharma franchise and pharma franchise have the same definition. There as such has no difference on the actual workings of both the business models. They both work in the same manner with slight differences which will be discussed now.

What is the Different between pcd pharma & franchise Pharma?

The Major Differences Between PCD Pharma & Franchise Pharma

Experience is the key to success and the right knowledge & relationship will help you achieve it! Always remember, investment won’t make much difference if you want success in your newly opened business. The Pharma Companies distribute drugs under branded versions. They are further sold in bulk through PCD business and Pharma Franchise business offerings made nationwide or to a certain area of monopoly rights. Here are differences between PCD franchise and pharma franchise businesses:

Investment Planning:

The investment required in a Pharma Franchise is bigger in comparison to PCD franchise. If you are new to the business line and have less investment, then PD is the right thing to opt. on the other hand, many company support pharma franchise members with loan or credit facilities whereas PCD businessmen hardly get to face it. The investment being genuine and does not need to submit payment in halves in PCD business.

Experience Requirement:

Under Pharma Franchise, the minimum requirement of qualification is equal to SSC or secondary higher education passed from a reputed Board.  The main ruling thing is the experience. If a person has good experience of at least 2 to 4 years at a good post at the manager level, then he is eligible for pharma franchise. On the other hand, PCD business can be applied by anyone even those without experience.

Sales Target Planning:

PCD franchise offers freedom of work like a boss. There as such no target in sales, whereas some companies give a bonus on achievement of maximum target. Pharma franchise has a minimum sales target to achieve.

Promotional Planning:

Pharma Companies do not give good support to PCD member like to pharma franchise. This has been a heart aching difference for many investors of PCD business. The pharma franchise members are kept with all the promises of promotional inputs like reminder cards, ADI, calendars, pens, diaries etc.

Area Allotment:

Monopoly has been the enjoying factor in both the cases. Keeping in consideration with the sizes of business, the Pharma franchise members are given wide area under control. A Pharma franchise can take control over many PCD businesses falling under its control. On the other hand, PCD businesses are zoned to a small area for operation.


The growth opportunities are equal in both the cases. If one is planning to invest in this industry or start a new business, then it is advisable to go for PCD first. Being genuine enough, it will be a small step to a bigger future.