How To Get Drug License in India

How To Get Drug License in India – Drugs license is undoubtedly an essential document that is required to sell drugs in India. The Government of India wants to provide people with the high-quality genuine products. To ensure the safety of people drug License has been made mandatory. How to get the Drug License in India is the question that is very common among the newbies in Pharmaceuticals. The government has laid down the stringent laws and thus, there are a number of documents that are required to get this license. 

The Company, distributor, wholesaler and indecent agents selling drugs without a valid drug license is illegal. One should have the valid wholesale drug license in from 20B and 21B. The drugs license is granted by the state government. Since we at Innovexia Lifesciences has received many queries regarding How to Get the Drugs License in India. Therefore, with the help of this post, we are trying to provide you with the best information about the rights ways of getting drug license in India.

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How to Get the Drugs License in India

General Requirement For obtaining Drugs License in India

Here mentioned below are some of the very basic and necessary information that is required to obtain drugs license in India. Before applying for the drug’s license make sure that you have the record of all these things with you.  Here we go:

  • The area for the office or shop should be at least 15 square meters.
  • This license can be easily made under the supervision of registered pharmacist.
  • In a number of states, the drug’s license is only given to the company who has a person with the diploma or degree in the pharmacy.
  • Air conditioner and refrigerator are some basic requirements and they should be present in office or Shop.
  • The applying person should have 1 years experience of dealing in drugs or SSLC passed out with 4 years experience in dealing with drugs will be benefited.
  • The official will inspect your shop or office, therefore, make sure whatever information you have provided to them it should be present in your office/shop.

Necessary Documents for Getting Wholesale Drug License

Note that the requirement for the drug license may vary from state to state. This mentioned below are very basic documents which are essential almost in every state. If you are applying for drug license first arrange these documents in order to prevent any delay in the work.

Have a look at the documents which are required for getting the Wholesale Drugs License:

  1. First of all, you will need to have the cover letter describing the purpose
  2. Two Application in form 19
  3. Challan fee
  4. Declaration form
  5. You will be required to attach the blueprint of your premises with the documents.
  6. Tax receipt of the property
  7. If you own the place then you need to attach the ownership proof or in case you rent the place then you will be needed to have the rental agreement attached with the documents.
  8. In the case of the private limited company, you will be required to have the list of directors, board resolution and incorporate certification or partnership deed.
  9. Affidavit of registered pharmacist along with the degree certificate.
  10. Invoice receipt for the purchase of air conditioner and refrigerator.
  11. Four stamps of Rs 2

Classification of Drugs License in  India

The Drug License is divided into the following categories:

  • Manufacturing License ( it is only granted  in the recognized Industrial areas of Delhi)
  • Sale License  (It has further types which are: wholesale license, Retail Licence and Restricted (Gen.Store) license
  • Loan license ( This license is provided to the applicant who intends to avail the manufacturing facilities owned by another licensee)

In case your business is expanded into the two states than the several licenses and are needed. This means you will need to apply for the drug’s license of another state by the separate application. If you are granted with the drug’s license than any modification and changes in your business should be mentioned to the authorities.

Why is Drug License Important in India?

With the growth of pharmaceutical industry due to growing demand for pharmaceutical, many new pharma companies are present in the market. To provide the high-quality, safe and pure medicines to people government ensure to only allow the genuine companies or person to sell drugs. The Drugs and Cosmetic Act, 1940 aims to enhance the safety of the drugs. No one can sell the drug without the drug license if someone found doing so it will be considered as illegal activity.


We hope this post helped you well in getting all the necessary information regarding the ways to getting the Drug License in India. Innovexia Lifesciences wishes you the very bright future in the pharmaceuticals. If you are looking for the best Pharma Franchise company for business then you could help you.