Leading Pharmaceutical Enterprises in Chandigarh: A Comprehensive Exploration of Industry Pioneers


Chandigarh’s pharmaceutical sector is characterized by a multitude of dynamic and innovative companies dedicated to reshaping healthcare standards. This article delves into the profiles of some top-tier pharmaceutical enterprises that have established themselves as leaders in the industry. From cutting-edge facilities to an unwavering commitment to quality, these companies stand at the forefront of delivering innovative pharmaceutical solutions.

  1. Innovexia Lifesciences – Spearheading Excellence and Innovation:

At the pinnacle of pharmaceutical prowess in Chandigarh stands Innovexia Lifesciences, an industry trailblazer. Renowned for spearheading excellence and innovation, Innovexia Lifesciences is a key player in the pharmaceutical landscape. Their commitment to providing superior PCD pharmaceutical products is evident in their state-of-the-art facility located at Plot No. 206, Industrial Area, Phase 1, Panchkula. Through a robust management system and a focus on pioneering solutions, Innovexia Lifesciences has solidified its position as a trendsetter in the industry.

  1. Arlak Biotech (P) Ltd. – Extensive Portfolio and Global Reach:

Arlak Biotech, a renowned pharmaceutical company based in India, boasts an extensive portfolio of over 1500+ brands. Their commitment to providing a wide range of PCD pharmaceutical products to the healthcare industry at affordable prices is reflected in their offerings, ranging from tablets to topical gels. Located at SCO 1, Kalka highway, Zirakpur, Arlak Biotech’s WHO-GMP certification ensures the highest quality standards.

  1. Dhamus Pharma – Excelling in Quality Since 2013:

Founded in 2013, Dhamus Pharma, situated in Amritsar, Punjab, has rapidly ascended the ladder of industrial success under the leadership of Mr. Raman Sharma. Committed to adhering to manufacturing standards like WHO-GMP, Dhamus Pharma has become synonymous with quality. Their offerings include pharmaceutical franchise opportunities, derma care products, and third-party contract manufacturing.

  1. Sanative Remedies – A Pillar of Quality and Affordability:

Sanative Remedies, a division of Sanify Healthcare, stands as a beacon in the pharmaceutical realm. Their commitment to being the premier PCD Pharma Franchise Company is evident in their relentless pursuit of affordable, accessible, and high-quality drugs. With a robust management system focused on innovation, Sanative Remedies fosters long-term relationships with pharmaceutical franchises. Their location at 1323, JLPL Industrial Area, SAS Nagar, Mohali, reflects their commitment to industry excellence.

  1. Renost Care – Bridging Healthcare Gaps:

Renost Care, a growing PCD and third-party manufacturing Pharma Company in India, is dedicated to increasing access to high-quality healthcare. Their well-designed PCD Pharma program and focus on providing high-quality, affordably priced products set them apart. Situated at SCO 115, Ambala Road, Mohali, Renost Care extends its services to domestic as well as African, CIS, and South Asian regions.

  1. Salvus Pharma – Grounded in Quality and Safety:

Based in Chandigarh, Salvus Pharma has emerged as one of the country’s leading medicinal companies, offering a precise and highly effective range of medicines. Grounded in the principles of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, Salvus Pharma has a sophisticated manufacturing unit equipped with advanced machines and rigorous quality testing.

  1. Xenon Pharmaceuticals – Focused on Eye and ENT Care:

Xenon Pharmaceuticals, an ISO 9001:2008 certified Ethical Pharma Company, takes pride in offering high-quality products with attractive packing and reasonable prices. Specializing in eye and ENT care, Xenon Pharmaceuticals provides a range of products, including antibacterials, antiallergics, steroids, and antioxidants. Their commitment to maintaining vision, hearing ability, and healthy breathing sets them apart in the industry.

  1. Glenvox Biotech – Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Range:

Glenvox Biotech, located in Manimajra, Chandigarh, is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products with a diverse range, including antibiotics, cardiac drugs, gynecological drugs, and pediatric drugs. Their comprehensive offerings, coupled with district-wise pharma monopoly rights, make them a significant player in the pharmaceutical landscape.

  1. Destin Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. – A Legacy of Pharmaceuticals:

Destin Laboratories, with a legacy spanning 12 years, is dedicated to manufacturing and marketing quality pharmaceutical formulations. Situated in Karnal, Haryana, Destin Laboratories emphasizes quality measures and self-reliance. Their mission to provide affordable medicines aligns with their goal of being a leading company in the pharmaceutical industry.

  1. Max Pharma – Catering to Diverse Medical Needs:

Max Pharma, located in Nabha, Punjab, is a manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceuticals with a diverse product range. From antibiotic medicines to herbal products, Max Pharma covers a spectrum of medical requirements. Their commitment to quality and a complete range of pharma products positions them as a significant player in the industry.

  1. Alsun Pharmaceuticals – Reputable PCD Pharma Company in Jaipur:

Alsun Pharmaceuticals, based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, prides itself on its state-of-the-art infrastructure and adherence to international standards. With a focus on patient needs and cutting-edge research, Alsun Pharmaceuticals has achieved success in producing top-quality medications with zero side effects. Their dedicated team of research professionals and commitment to quality and innovation sets them apart.


The pharmaceutical companies in Chandigarh showcased in this article exemplify the industry’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and quality. From manufacturing facilities equipped with advanced technology to a diverse range of pharmaceutical products, these companies are shaping the future of healthcare in India and beyond. As they continue to grow and evolve, their contributions to the pharmaceutical landscape are poised to leave an indelible mark on the industry.