Who We Are

Innovexia Lifesciences has been manufacturing pharmaceutical formulations for the past 12 years and is a WHO-GMP accredited company. The company has developed a solid manufacturing base that includes over 450 products in a variety of categories and dosage formsWith considerable success, the company has catered to both the national and international markets

  •  With its quality-conscious attitude, the organisation is steadily climbing the success ladder.
    Innovexia Lifesciences, a firm with various products, was created in its own premises in Chandigarh in 2010.
  • TABLETS, CAPSULES, DRY INJECTIONS, DRY SYRUPS, and LIQUID SYRUPS were among the other dosage forms permitted by the corporation.
  • Not only did the number of products expand, but the quality of those things improved as well. GMP, GLP, and ISO CEERTIFICATION were granted to Innovexia Lifesciences. The corporation forwarded for export over 90% of the country (India).
  • The company established a superb infrastructure, complete with automated machinery capable of mass-producing things in large quantities.
  • As a consequence of a lot of hard work, the company now manufactures over 450 items in various dosage forms in practically all categories for the national market.
  • Not only will we not be stopping here, but we will also be planning for other pharmaceutical and nutraceutical categories in the near future.
  • We have the most experienced team member on our side, who has a proven track record of completing tasks efficiently. All team members have substantial experience in life science and medical development, as well as other duties as assigned to them. They assisted us in achieving our company’s objectives.
  • All of the members of our department are completely committed to ensuring the success of our company. They are always introducing new and sophisticated infrastructural facilities in our organisation to ensure that all business operations run smoothly.




  • From the selection of raw materials to the commercialization process, we at Innovexia Lifesciences are committed to quality and accuracy. For the production of our products, we exclusively use high-quality raw materials acquired from reputable vendors.
  • In addition, we only work with plants that apply advanced engineering standards and cutting-edge machinery to manufacture our products. We have an excellent reputation in the domestic market due of our high quality standards.
  • Every product we make is thoroughly checked for quality norms and standards in accordance with market needs. Our administration team ensures that the medicines are of high quality before dispatching them to the home market.

Top Third Party Manufacturing Pharma Companies in Chandigarh with WHO GMP Certification.

  • For you, Innovexia Lifesciences will be the ideal alternative. Our company is one of the major third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Chandigarh, providing a wide range of products every year for our valued customers and well-known pharmaceutical corporations across the country.
  • Chandigarh-based Innovexia Lifesciences has its own production facility. We manufacture a wide range of pharmaceutical formulations in our state-of-the-art production facilities. Innovexia Lifesciences, based in Chandigarh, is a prominent WHO GMP Certified Third Party Pharma Manufacturer (India).
  • For the past 11 years, the firm has been producing 450+ medicinal formulations. The company has received ISO-cGMP-GLP certifications in addition to WHO GMP certifications.
  • Capsules, Tablets, Dry Injections, Liquid Syrups, Dry Syrups, Ophthalmic, and other dosage forms are among the many we cover.

Why should you work with Innovexia Lifesciences as a 3rd-party manufacturer?

  • GMP and WHO approved Virtuous Third Party Pharma Manufacturers in Chandigarh.
  • All federal regulations are followed, and the company is ISO accredited.
  • Our clients receive lifetime customer service.
  • Bringing many years of experience to better serve you.
  • Since decades, we’ve been collaborating with a variety of foreign countries.

Quality Control.

  • Policies that are friendly to customers
  • On-Time Shipping
  • Pricing Policy That Is Both Affordable and Reasonable

The Benefits of Working with Chandigarh’s Best Contract Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Company

  • We will reduce your product manufacturing costs and give you with a cost-effective assortment of medications and drugs that will be a boon to your future growth.
  • As it has been said, time is money, thus we want to emphasise that we will save you time in recruiting people, obtaining government approvals, and complying with all legal requirements associated with establishing a unit.
  • We will complete the process for you and present you with a ready-to-sell product.

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