Pharma third party manufacturing in Chandigarh

Pharma third party manufacturing in Chandigarh – Best  Third-Party Pharma Manufacturing Services

Top Third Party Pharma Manufacturer in India – Innovexia  Lifesciences is a well-known, ISO-certified pharmaceutical company in India with the main goal of offering top-notch pharmaceutical products that are approved by DCGI and produced in accordance with WHO & GMP standards. The business is well-known as one of the leading producers, suppliers, and exporters of a variety of pharmaceutical medicine ranges, including those for gynaecology, nephrology, neurology, nutraceuticals, neuropsychiatry, general and orthopaedics, etc. These ranges are offered in every type of pharmaceutical form, including tablets, capsules, injections, syrup, powder, creams, and sachets, at competitive prices worldwide. Being the leading third party pharma manufacturing services provider in India, we have our own pharma manufacturing facilities that can produce goods in huge quantities to fulfil any bulk requests within the specified period.

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When it comes to the production and export of pharmaceutical drugs, India comes in third. According to estimates, India’s pharmaceutical market would be worth roughly US$ 32 billion in 2021, rise to US$ 65 billion by 2024, and reach US$ 120–130 billion by 2030, according to analysts. Because it is easier and less expensive to cooperate with third parties to manufacture pharmaceutical products, there is a growing demand for these services in the current pharmaceutical business environment. The popularity of pharma manufacturing is attributed to aspects like low investment, hassle-free, high-quality products, and time savings, among others. Leading pharmaceutical company Innovexia Lifesciences provides the highest quality product through the best third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing services in India. Furthermore, to ensure that they meet the highest possible standards, our premium pharmaceutical products are created in accordance with GMP and WHO guidelines.

All of our products are created utilising state-of-the-art equipment under the direction of pharma professionals with years of experience in this sector to ensure quality. In addition, we work hard to satisfy all of our clients’ requirements and offer them logistical services, stock availability, safety guarantees, and other advantages in addition to the best third-party pharma pharmaceutical manufacturing services in India. We are known as the ideal platform for obtaining our Best Third Party Pharma Manufacturing in India because these facilitate our transactions and make them comfy for our clients.

India’s Top Pharma Company for Manufacturing Medicines- Innovexia lifesciences 

We were established in 2010 and have been doing business professionally ever since. We are one of the reputable third party pharma manufacturers in India. Hundreds of  companies that use our manufacturing services for pharmaceutical products are partners with us. Innovexia  Lifesciences has also received numerous honours throughout the course of its career. And in addition to conducting business domestically, we also export our goods abroad. In other words, we work together with pharma experts from around the world to provide the best third-party pharma manufacturing services in India.

We participate in volunteer work by donating medication to government-sponsored programmes like rehabilitation institutions in order to assist humanity as a whole. This contribution not only teaches us important lessons for our professional journey but also elevates us to the top of the pharma business in terms of reliability. Our Best Third Party Pharma Manufacturer in India serves a large number of businesses and distributors, and we operate in many states and eight union territories.

The Best Pharma Manufacturing Services Are Offshored From Our Units

We believe that the reason Innovexia  Lifesciences is a well-known third-party pharmaceutical manufacturer in India is because of the superior quality of our offerings. Our production facility, which is located on a sizable parcel of land, is also where we get our premium pharmaceutical goods. It has sections for every production-related task, including R&D, packaging, pressing tablets and capsules, laminating, and many more. Our production process is now more organised and efficient thanks to technology.

In addition to providing third-party manufacturing services in India for highly demanded compositions, our team of experts formulates and manufactures products that doctors throughout India demand. Our team of experts conducts market research on molecules to determine which molecules have the strongest demand from doctors before formulating these products for distribution throughout the country. In addition, you should employ the help of a third-party pharmaceutical maker for the reasons listed below.

Modern infrastructure that reflects the calibre of our manufacturing facilities is present in the factory.

All current equipment and tools are employed to raise output, efficacy, and product quality while lowering production costs.

We can offer the products at lesser prices than the other third-party pharma manufacturing companies in India because we are situated in a duty-free zone.

Our facility is sanitised to guarantee that the manufacturing space is free of contaminants.

In order to guarantee top performance and productivity, all of our equipment is promptly serviced and maintained.

Providing the Nation’s Entire Population with Access to Quality-Assured Pharmaceutical Product Ranges

The products’ quality in the pharmaceutical sector cannot be disregarded. As it relates to people’s health, it becomes our top priority and cannot be compromised. The leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in India, Innovexia Lifesciences makes every effort to maintain a high level of product quality. As part of our sustainable supply chain management, which ensures efficacy, all of our products are made in a methodical manufacturing process.

By using less resources to produce the items, this supply chain lowers the overall cost of the goods. It manages the entire process in a logical way and keeps an eye on the workers working in the production lane. Our company’s quality inspection team continuously tests the products at each stage of the manufacturing process. They test the formulations before manufacturing, during manufacturing, and after manufacturing is complete, ensuring the quality of our pharmaceutical product lines.

Some of the product categories we deal in are listed below;

Range Gynae

Range Nephro

neuroscience range

Range of Nutraceuticals

Range of Neuropsychiatry

Basic Range

Orthopedic Spectrum

In addition to these, we provide a wide range of pharmaceutical products throughout the country at reasonable prices, including tablets, capsules, ointments, hard gel and soft gel capsules, syrups, injectables, protein powders, creams, and sachets.

Why are we India’s Best Third Party Pharma Manufacturer?

The product distribution firms are crucial to their pharmaceutical manufacturing partners because by disseminating our product formulations, they indirectly uphold the standards of our company. We consistently exert ourselves to provide our clients with the greatest third party pharma manufacturing services in India that are completely transparent and produce strong client connections, making us the leading third party pharma manufacturing company in India. We are also regarded as the leading pharma capsules manufacturer in India since we provide the broadest selection of tablets and capsules of all kinds, including softgel and hard gel capsules.

Despite the fact that our manufacturing and packaging teams pay close attention to, comprehend, and go above and beyond the clients’ requirements, we provide them with full support and satisfaction. Innovexia Lifesciences is aware of the difficulties pharma franchise companies currently experience in securing manufacturing services from leading Indian pharmaceutical product manufacturers.

Some of the qualities that make us the leading third-party pharmaceutical manufacturer in India are listed below;

assistance with logistics

Due to contemporary issues that commonly arise during product shipping and delivery, late product delivery has become a serious concern for every organisation. Customers frequently fall short of meeting market demand as a result of product delivery delays. However, this is not the case with us because we value our customers’ time and thus we offer first-rate logistics services to guarantee that their products are delivered on schedule.

Product Delivery in Safety

Every pharmaceutical maker needs to keep this in mind, yet unhappily, large numbers of patients occasionally receive an abundance of subpar medications. As a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in India, we are concerned with the security of our goods as well as the precision with which they are packaged. Following all safety rules, our entire packaging department and logistics team pack the products and ship them to their destination.

Stock Availability

Another significant issue in the pharmaceutical industry is the lack of available products. When they are in dire need, customers who have been with a pharmaceutical manufacturing company for a long time do not get the same items that they get then. Every time one of our clients signs their first contract with us or uses our manufacturing services, we learn more about their demands, which causes everyone at Innovexia  Lifesciences to shift their thinking. For emergencies, we always keep certain supplies on hand.

Process of Third-Party Manufacturing Used by Innovexia  Lifesciences

Since 2010, Innovexia  Lifesciences has provided third party pharmaceutical manufacturing services in India. Now, in response to the growing demand for third party manufacturers, we have expanded our service area to include many nearby nations.

The  manufacturing process is listed below.

Choosing the order quantity

The first step is to choose the composition or formulation you want us to manufacture. Then, share with us the specifications for the composition you’ve chosen, noting the number of products.

Decisions Regarding Packaging & Branding

Final product packaging is completed in the second step of the third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing process. The company is asked to give information relating to the packaging material they desire, whether it will be ALU ALU, Blister, Dispo, Sachet packing, or any other if they wish, as the product appearance needs to be appealing and educational in order to increase sales. Along with the packing materials, the business must also distribute its labels, labelling information, and logo.

Quoting Procedure

A quotation from the third party manufacturer is sent to the partner associates after the company shares information regarding the necessary formulations, quantities, and packaging. The quotation includes information about each product’s specifications, raw materials, etc. The company is also given the option to discuss the quotation with the third party company.

Submission of Documents for Manufacturing

Following the completion of the quotes, the company must submit the necessary paperwork for verification in order to create a legal contract. A photocopy of an Adhar card, a Pan card, a drug licence, and a GST registration are among the documents submitted.

Items Made by Manufacturers

Our staff begins producing the goods the company requires after submitting the necessary paperwork and finalising everything; the length of time varies on the quantity.

testing the finished goods

The skilled pharma inspection team continuously tests the products both during and after production to ensure their high quality and consistency.

Safe and prompt delivery

Following production, the goods are delivered for distribution after being packaged in specially created packaging. Depending on the distance, it typically takes 5-7 days for our delivery partners to safely deliver the merchandise.

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