Innovexia Lifesciences was founded as a first-of-its-kind healthcare company with the goal of providing affordable, high-quality, GMP and ISO-approved products to the public health sector.

We are a mission-driven, socially conscious business dedicated to providing patients and public health providers with the highest quality medicines. Meanwhile, as India’s leading company, we have top PCD franchises, pharmaceutical franchises, manufacturers, and suppliers.

With well-targeted generics and brand  Medicine portfolios, as well as commercial and product development infrastructure and pharmaceutical contract services, the company is rapidly expanding.

Our management team is committed to creating a dynamic, change-driven culture that is focused on meeting our customers’ needs. Our company’s structure is lean and adaptable. Making quick and accurate decisions. As a result, the company will be able to bring new and better drugs to the Indian pharmaceutical market.

Innovexia Lifesciences is not a company that conducts outdated research. Purchasing or licensing commercially available goods and late-stage development therapies.

We deliver new and necessary therapies to market, as well as to the millions of patients who need them.

The goods that can really help people feel better—and these products may have an immediate influence on the health and well-being of patients.

A Novel Approach to Production

Our goods touch the lives of individuals all over the globe and have an impact on their well-being.

As a result, we are dedicated to upholding the highest manufacturing standards. Certified wholesalers distribute all of our raw materials and chemicals to us. Our quality experts conduct thorough examinations on the quality of raw materials even after that.

Our own manufacturing facilities purify the active medicinal component. The active component is then created as the finest Analgesic Medicines, Antibiotics, Antacids, Energy Supplements, and Multivitamins variety for disease.

Our Commitment to Drug Safety

Our objective is to guarantee that regulators, healthcare professionals, and patients are all aware of the advantages and hazards associated with a medicine. Innovexia Lifesciences maintains a pharmacare system that collects data throughout the product’s lifespan.

Following quality control, the items move on to the packaging, labeling, and distribution phases of the manufacturing process.

In accordance with GMP and WHO guidelines for good manufacturing practice, the whole production process is subject to continuous quality assurance.

Company Information

Innovexia Lifesciences was created as a first-of-its-kind healthcare firm with the goal of providing economical, high-quality, GMP and ISO-approved products to the public health sector. We are a mission-driven, socially responsible firm devoted to providing patients and public health practitioners with the highest quality  medicine. In addition to being India’s foremost  company, we also have top PCD franchises, pharmaceutical franchises, manufacturers, and suppliers.

Innovexia Lifesciences’ single most important market is India. With well-targeted generics and brand Medicine portfolios, as well as commercial and product development infrastructure and pharmaceutical contract services, the firm is rapidly expanding. Our management team is committed to creating a dynamic, change-driven culture that is focused on addressing our customers’ demands. Our company’s structure is lean and adaptable. Making rapid and accurate judgments. As a result, the firm will be able to provide new and better Drugs to the Indian pharmaceutical Market.

Innovxia Lifesciences isn’t some out-of-date research firm. Purchasing or licensing commercially available goods and late-stage development therapies. We deliver new and necessary therapies to market, as well as to the millions of patients who need them. Goods that may help individuals feel better—and these items can have an immediate influence on the health and well-being of patients.

A True Caring Culture

It’s both inspirational and fun to be at Innovexia Lifesciences. The exceptional individuals who have devoted themselves to building a premier global generic medicines firm are the key to our culture.

We promote a culture of collaboration and strength, as well as a culture of fun and enthusiasm for our clients, communities, and one another. This is evident in our daily activities, our Pharma franchise work, our third-party manufacturing process, and our role as a medication producer.

Pharmaceutical Industry Leader

  • No one person can lead a worldwide movement, and no single person can lead a global corporation. To achieve success, it needs a complete team unified around a single goal. Our personnel at Innovexia Lifesciences are continually brainstorming, working hard, and delivering results.
  • Despite the fact that we have many departments, we work as a single one.
  • We take on problems full on and never back down from the challenge.
  • This concentration helps us to keep moving ahead while allowing others to move more freely and spontaneously as a result of our efforts.

Our Goals

Our mission is to bring together medical knowledge and compassionate care to improve healthcare and people’s lives.

Our Purpose

We are a healthcare organization with a purpose to enhance the world around us and make a significant impact in the lives of our valued patients, families, communities, society, and planet.

Our Principles

We are a group of devoted and talented individuals dedicated to improving patient outcomes via the use of the finest pharmaceuticals and production processes. We are a group founded on high ethical standards, a strong dedication to patients, and open communication.

Manufacturing by a Third-Party

  • At Innovexia Lifesciences, we have a rich manufacturing culture that allows us to formulate a broad spectrum of pharmaceuticals. The sector has seen considerable expansion in recent years as a result of rising patient disease.
  • The fast-paced lifestyle of humans leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. Despite this, Innovexia Lifesciences operates in India as a Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company.
  • We are assisting all pharma businesses, whether new and established, in running their operations successfully.
  • For being constant in our quality assurance, we have earned GMP, WHO, and GLP accreditation. Our firm was listed as a third-party pharmaceutical manufacturer. We can produce a wide range of drugs, including analgesics, antibiotics, antacids, protein supplements, and energy supplements.
  • For Your Business, Get Customized Labeling Solutions
  • We provide our services to reputable pharmaceutical companies as a leading Third Party Manufacturing expert. We attempt to make their outsourcing simple and adaptable, while also ensuring that business conditions are followed.
  • We provide you with the most comprehensive selection of high-quality medications in all drug categories.
  • We can tailor your order to your specifications.
  • Our organization has established relationships with more dependable wholesalers and distribution channels, who are constantly aware of raw material availability and deliver items on time.
  • We believe in keeping a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers by providing the finest service at a fair cost.
  • We supply you with a bespoke labeling solution based on your needs via our independent labeling department.
  • To assure the excellent labeling of the whole drug range, our professionals choose the highest quality printing component.

Why Use a Third-Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Service?

A large expense increases during the start of a company. Small businesses are unable to pay the hefty costs of a manufacturing unit.

The most difficult task is establishing an infrastructure unit. As a result, they use Third Party Manufacturing to simplify their corporate operations and processes.

They used to request a large quantity variety of items with a printed brand name, tight and leak-proof packing, and prompt delivery in this service. Thousands of businesses are now operating on the backs of third-party manufacturers.

‘Innovexia Lifesciences’ is a reputable third-party manufacturing domain.

Our organization has previously shown its value by maintaining a high level of quality control. We are committed to doing an excellent job and taking our responsibilities seriously. Let us describe some of our company’s highlights in the following points:

  • We assist you in reducing your capital investment.
  • Ensure that your company runs smoothly.
  • Medicine quality assurance is a priority.
  • With the finest logistical network, medications are delivered on time.
  • To prepare medicinal formulations, we employ computerized technology.
  • Provide all medications in leak-proof and break-proof containers.


Our basic value is to help people with their health problems while maintaining a stress-free atmosphere.

We aim to establish long-term relationships with our partners.

To offer core manufacturing support to our clients

Maintain a healthy mix of effort and accomplishments.

Ensure that our corporate goals and objectives are stable.


If you are or want to become an entrepreneur, Innovexia Lifesciences would love to be your partner. Our third-party manufacturing service might offer your company a boost. All of our company’s products are available at the most competitive pricing.

You can count on us to deliver high-quality medicines in large quantities. Our employees have extensive experience formulating all drugs using a unique manufacturing process. They never let us down in terms of providing high-quality medications, quick delivery, and secure packing, among other things.


Owning a franchise is the same as starting your own company. Thousands of individuals are now participating in this industry and earning a fantastic rate of return. Innovexia Lifesciences is also providing a chance to any pharmaceutical experts who want to work in the sector. In this document, we authorize a person to carry out our business operations, such as selling, making medications, and promoting our domain.

As a leading Pharma Franchise for medication, we provide monopoly rights, excellent marketing tactics, promotional perks, and other benefits to our business partners.

Our franchise opportunity is for all possible places in India where medications are in short supply. We have several certifications and honors for producing all medications in accordance with government and other healthcare agencies’ quality criteria, such as the WHO.


Increased competition among people leads to poor health, which is one of the main causes of rising medicine demand. According to a recent survey, there is a significant market demand for medicine products. As a result, starting a franchise business with a reputable firm like ‘Innovexia Lifesciences’ might be advantageous in any manner. Because the need for medication in the pharmaceutical sector is ever-green, the scope is fairly broad.

List of Pharma Franchise Business Benefits

The Pharma Franchise company has a lot to offer you, which allows you to establish your firm quickly and efficiently. We have compiled a list of advantages that you will get from this industry:

  • Low administrative expenses: The franchise firm just needs a small number of employees, lowering your administrative expenditures. Two or three people would be in charge of all marketing and distribution responsibilities, which could be controlled from any place.
  • Low Initial Investment Capital: The company will be solely responsible for the initial start-up costs. To create your firm, you will be responsible for managing your relationships with physicians, medical centers, and hospitals. As a result, it will only be considered as an investment expense.
  • Pharma has a high profit margin. The franchise business has a positive rate of return. It has evolved into a human requirement. As a result, no one puts their health at risk. As a result, the chances of receiving a good rate of return are high.

Low-Risk Factor: You do not need to spend a large sum of money to start this company. As a result, the risk factor is modest.

Monopoly Rights: You will have exclusive monopoly rights over wide territories, allowing you to freely market your product line without experiencing significant competition. After securing such rights, you will be able to produce leads for your company and attract clients’ attention.



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