Chondroitin sulfate 50 MG+Collagen-Peptide C-2 150 MG+Elemental copper 0.5 MG+Elemental iron 5 MG+Elemental manganese 2 MG+Elemental selenium 60 MCG+Elemental zinc 5 MG+Folic acid 400 MCG+Glucosamine 750 MG+Vitamin B12 10 MCG+Vitamin C 30 MG+Vitamin D3 25 MCG+Vitamin E 20 MG
Packing: 10x1x10



Chondroitin sulfate is ideal for treating osteoarthritis. It is the type of health condition that causes by aging joints, obesity, injury and others. Collagen is a type of protein that is used for cohesion, regeneration all our connective tissue in our body including tendons, ligaments, skin, cartilage, and bones. The composition is helpful for strengthening the various body structures and integrity of our skin.  All the other essential elements in the medicine such as copper, Iron, manganese, selenium, zinc are used for fulfilling the deficiency of these particular chemicals in the body.


  • Chondroitin sulfate 50 MG
  • Collagen-Peptide C-2 150 MG
  • Elemental copper 0.5 MG
  • Elemental iron 5 MG
  • Elemental manganese 2 MG
  • Elemental selenium 60 MCG
  • Elemental zinc 5 MG
  • Folic acid 400 MCG
  • Glucosamine 750 MG
  • Vitamin B12 10 MCG
  • Vitamin C 30 MG
  • Vitamin D3 25 MCG
  • Vitamin E 20 MG

Collagen Peptide C-2 150mg + Chondroitin Sulfate 50mg + Ele. Copper 0.5mg + Ele. Iron 5mg + Ele. Manganese 2mg + Ele. Selenium 6omcg + Ele. Zinc 5mg + Folic Acid 400mcg + Glucosamine 750mg + Vit. B12 10mcg + Vit. C 30mg + Vit. 03 25mcg + Vit. E 20mg

Collagen Peptide C2

  • Promotes new cartilage & proteoglycan synthesis
  • Enhances production of hyaluronic acid that produces a thick, lubricating synovial fluid that protects & cushions joints
  • Protects the surface of cartilage from oxidative damage & enzymatic digestion

Chondroitin & Glucosamine

  • Slows the breakdown of cartilage in the early stages of knee OA
  • Reduces moderate to severe knee pain from OA


Effective on


Joint Pain


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