Innovexia Pediatric range,We are Happy to inform you the launch of Genomind smoothie for Genius mind . GENOMIND offers omega 3 fatty acid 613 mg + VITAMIN A 165 mcg and Vitamin D3 2.5mcg.Genomind* improves the brain cognitive function, IQ and behaviour, healthy brain functions and reading ability of kids .

Mrp 675 mg for 150 ml competitor Mrp is 1100.

Good opportunity for us to strengthen more the paediatrics basket. So go all about to promote this brand to Paediatrics , Opthals and Neurologist. Genomind is manufactured in natural mango 🥭 Pulp is used to mask the omega 3 bad taste , there is no artificial colour or sweetener is used . Genomind is very much palatable and having very good taste . As parents are very much concerned about the nutrition of their kids. Genomind is very much safe and natural.wishing you good luck for selling and promotion of this brand . Feel free to call if you any enquires about this brands .


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