Top Pharma Companies in Chandigarh

Title: Innovexia Lifesciences, Chandigarh: Your Premier Choice Among the Top Pharma Companies in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, often hailed as “The City Beautiful,” is experiencing a remarkable surge in the demand for pharmaceutical medicines, with a staggering 70% increase in recent years. This burgeoning demand can be attributed to good governance, a flourishing pharma sector, and a thriving economy. As a result, the city has become a hotspot for lucrative pharma franchise business opportunities. Moreover, the industrial areas of Chandigarh house a multitude of exceptional pharma companies, offering lucrative business prospects and high-quality products. In this article, we present to you the top pharma companies in Chandigarh, with a special focus on Innovexia Lifesciences, Chandigarh.

Selecting the Top Pharma Companies in Chandigarh

The list of pharma companies featured here is the result of rigorous market research, thorough comparisons, and comprehensive analysis. These companies have been ranked based on various critical factors, including product quality, pricing, packaging, after-sales service, business support, and more.

Innovexia Lifesciences, Chandigarh: A Leading Name in Pharma Franchise Business

One name that stands out prominently among the top pharma companies in Chandigarh is Innovexia Lifesciences, Chandigarh. Established in 2014, Innovexia Lifesciences, Chandigarh has swiftly risen to the top of the charts in the pharma franchise business. Here’s why Innovexia Lifesciences, Chandigarh is celebrated as one of the 6 Best Pharma Companies in Chandigarh:

  • Extensive Product Range: Innovexia Lifesciences, Chandigarh boasts an impressive portfolio comprising over 900 premium-quality pharma products. These encompass various segments, such as Cardiac Diabetics, Pediatric, Gynecology, Dermatology, Protein Powders, ENT, and more.
  • Certifications: The company is proudly accredited with ISO 9001:2015 certification, a testament to its commitment to quality and excellence. Furthermore, Innovexia Lifesciences, Chandigarh operates GMP-WHO-authorized manufacturing units, ensuring that its products meet international standards.
  • Diverse Product Forms: Innovexia Lifesciences, Chandigarh offers a wide array of product forms, including Tablets, Capsules, Injections, Syrups, Sachets, Creams, and more, catering to diverse healthcare needs.
  • Monopoly Rights: The company provides its franchise partners with full monopoly rights, a significant advantage for entrepreneurs entering the pharma franchise business.

Innovexia Lifesciences, Chandigarh: Your Premier Choice for PCD Pharma Franchise

While Innovexia Lifesciences, Chandigarh shines as a top pharma company in Chandigarh, Innosearch Biotech, Chandigarh, stands as another eminent name in the region. Innovexia Lifesciences has gained prominence for its unwavering commitment to quality, excellence, and innovation in the pharmaceutical sector.


Innovexia Lifesciences, Chandigarh, stands as a beacon of excellence among the top pharma companies in Chandigarh. As the pharmaceutical industry in Chandigarh continues to thrive, businesses and professionals looking for exceptional pharma franchise opportunities need not look any further. Innovexia Lifesciences, with its steadfast dedication to quality and a diverse range of high-quality products, is poised to be your ideal partner for success in the dynamic pharmaceutical landscape of Chandigarh.